What makes Koodilehto different?

Why choose Koodilehto over other technology providers? If you are looking for a dependable long-term relationship, Koodilehto is the company. Even though we do one-off projects, we rather work with you for a longer time.

Our experience on open technologies makes it possible for us to mix and match based on your needs. For instance we can combine our knowledge in data mining with hardware solutions. If you require something out of the box, we can provide it.

What do we offer?

Besides a lasting relationship, we offer you visibility. Our development methodologies make it easy for you to keep a track of where we are going. No need for guesswork. This requires some extra effort from both parties but at least we are committed to getting some concrete results.

We are experts of open technologies. We provide primarily following services:

  • Web development and consulting (sites, services). Example technologies: Django, Ruby on Rails, Node.js.
  • Embedded Linux development
  • Mobile development (Android)
  • Any combination of above

If you think we could be of benefit for you, please do contact us either via email or by phone (+358 40 4619296).



Kryptoradio makes it possible to access the bitcoin network from anywhere, through DVB. It enables new ways to perform monetary transactions with minimal costs. Currently we are running trials on the technology at Finland.

Päätökset.fi - Jyväskylä

Päätökset.fi provides access to decisions made at Jyväskylä municipality in various forms. You can for instance check out the map to see which decisions affect you as a resident. Finnish only.


Elovalo led cube in development

Elovalo, a led cube and pedestal

Elovalo is a joint venture between Hacklab Jkl, IhmeMedia and Koodilehto. The cubes (3 pieces) resulting from the project have effective resolution of 512 voxels and are controllable using C code. Our graphics controller is based on AVR ATMega328 and is quite minimal yet effective.

The project is a good example of collaboration between local organizations. It showcases our expertise in embedded development and 3D graphics. One instance of this latter was Blender3d based simulator we implemented and then used to visualize our effects before actual hardware was ready.

Koodilehto Site

Building this site was quite a project of its own. Instead of building everything from scratch, we ended up using GitHub Pages, Jekyll, Bootstrap, jQuery and RequireJS. In addition some custom technology, such as a carousel, was developed.

It is an ongoing project and we work continuously to improve the site. It is a good example of our capabilities on web development and design. Besides doing sites we have expertise in technologies such as Django, Ruby on Rails and Node.js.


Project Ahma was started in June 2010 at Ylitornio, Finland. This project by Zouppen illustrates our capabilities in remote monitoring systems and embedded Linux.

Since then we've used our expertise in other projects, Elovalo of which is the most important.


EffectServer in use at Instanssi demo party

UDP packet abstraction for multiple DMX controllers.

EffectServer is a good example our capabilities with DMX controllers. EffectServer makes it possible to control devices through web. The system has been used at a local demo party, Instanssi with great success. The system has made it possible for attendees to improve their demos and make the atmosphere even greater.

Blog Entries

Our professionals maintain blogs on open source technologies. Have a sneak peek at them!