Combines open technologies for your benefit

What is Koodilehto?

Koodilehto is a collective of happy hipsters. Most of us have a university background. We focus on web and embedded development.

Our members have some serious open source chops. In particular we have experience on Linux, Raspberry Pi and React.


We prefer to work using open source technologies. This is visible in our showcase below.



Kryptoradio makes it possible to access the bitcoin network from anywhere, through DVB. It enables new ways to perform monetary transactions with minimal costs. Currently we are running trials on the technology at Finland.

Päätökset.fi - Jyväskylä


Päätökset.fi provides access to decisions made at Jyväskylä municipality in various forms. You can for instance check out the map to see which decisions affect you as a resident. Finnish only.


Elovalo was a joint venture between Hacklab Jyväskylä ry, IhmeMedia and Koodilehto. The three cubes produced during the project have effective resolution of 512 voxels and are controllable using C and JavaScript. Our graphics controller is based on AVR ATMega328 and is quite minimal yet effective.

The project is a good example of collaboration between local organizations. It showcases our expertise in embedded development and 3D graphics. One instance of this latter was Blender based simulator we implemented and then used to visualize our effects before actual hardware was ready. In addition a JavaScript based IDE was implemented.





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6LB6 by splorp (CC-BY-NC-ND)